Friday, April 26, 2019

daily inspirource #002


Today’s daily inspiration wall brought to you by the letters G & T, and the number 7 & 4. Enjoy! =)

In case you’re wondering what inspirource is, scroll to the bottom! =)

*dictionary of hoji :   in – spi – rource, [ in spuh roar s], noun

1.  source of inspiration,   2. place of magical wonderment,   3. that which invokes happiness in the mind pants.

Designer in a broader context is someone who designs objects. It covers everything from fashion to interior to crafts to engineering. It literally involves a truckload of domains. Learning painting helps designer of any discipline. It enhances the graphic quotient of their designing skills. Painting knowledge simplifies the complexity of graphics. The designer will be able to give way more inputs. They won’t end up as another run of the mills designer. They enjoy an edge in finishes, thereby resulting in a classic touch. New gen domains such as 3D designing require old school skills. Such skills come out of drawing and painting. Most professional designing courses include painting in their curriculum. Most software presents a tool dedicated to painting. You need to know how to choose between brushes and perfect the strokes. Designers of any kind will benefit knowing the finer aspects of painting. They should consider mastering it.

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all our viewers a very Merry Christmas and a happy & safe holiday season!

Best wishes from the Hojitsu Team.

Hoji . G-Motion .  Anti-Logic

. . .

[P.s. To see behind the scenes of hows this years Christmas card was designed, visit Fullframe]…

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A great behind the scenes video from one of our favourite sources of car culture & inspiration.

In the past year alone, they’ve grown from strength to strength & we can only imagine what 2011 will hold for the site & community.

Hunt on!…

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