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Learning How To Paint With Paint By Numbers

The concept of paint by numbers is a photograph that has shapes isolated with numbers mentioned in each of them. These numbers are of colours that you need to paint it with. When you follow the instructions and paint the photo, you receive a picture that is nothing less than what a professional would create. These painting kits can be purchased from online stores or at a store near you. Check out this elephant paint by numbers kit available online at Paintona.

Painting by numbers came into being when it was first initiated by Michelangelo where he segregated ceilings with numbers so that his students didn’t make mistakes when painting them. This gave them clarity to paint, and the results were perfect.

While people say that it is silly to be painting a picture with the help of instructions coming in the form of numbers, it actually isn’t. When there is a set of directions coming your way, you tend to have perfection coming your way. You know what color goes where and the result is what you see as a masterpiece.

When you by paint by numberskits, you get yourself a complete set consisting of paint brushes, colours and the outline of the picture that needs to be painted. While some associate this type of artwork to kids, it isn’t just limited to them. Adults dealing with stress, patients wanting to make life interesting or even those who find painting to be a hobby can make use of these kits and be happy.

How can adults benefit from paint by numbers?

There was research once conducted amongst adults where it concluded that they have lesser stress levels when they sit to paint. Well, when you have such paint kitswith you, things tend to get easier especially when you are stressed, and anxiety doesn’t intend to take a back seat. While there are multiple benefits associated with such an art form, here are a few mentioned.

You are no more anxious or stressed while painting by numbers

Paint by numbers kits come around in the form of a miracle for those who do not know how to draw or paint. While there are ready instructions coming your way, there is ease. Putting in your attention in coming up with a masterpiece is something that reduces anxietylevels and makes you feel less stressed. The bright colours and their input in the right places ensure that you tend to forget your problems temporarily.

You tend to be attentive during painting by numbers

Once we become adults, we think that we have control over ourselves in a better way. In reality, things do not work that way at all. We tend to become more impatient, restless and inattentive given the various problems that we undergo. With such painting by numbers kits to your rescue, you start being attentive as a single mistake with not following the color instructions would lead to a bad painting.

You learn about color toning while

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daily inspirource #002


Today’s daily inspiration wall brought to you by the letters G & T, and the number 7 & 4. Enjoy! =)

In case you’re wondering what inspirource is, scroll to the bottom! =)

*dictionary of hoji :   in – spi – rource, [ in spuh roar s], noun

1.  source of inspiration,   2. place of magical wonderment,   3. that which invokes happiness in the mind pants.

Designer in a broader context is someone who designs objects. It covers everything from fashion to interior to crafts to engineering. It literally involves a truckload of domains. Learning painting helps designer of any discipline. It enhances the graphic quotient of their designing skills. Painting knowledge simplifies the complexity of graphics. The designer will be able to give way more inputs. They won’t end up as another run of the mills designer. They enjoy an edge in finishes, thereby resulting in a classic touch. New gen domains such as 3D designing require old school skills. Such skills come out of drawing and painting. Most professional designing courses include painting in their curriculum. Most software presents a tool dedicated to painting. You need to know how to choose between brushes and perfect the strokes. Designers of any kind will benefit knowing the finer aspects of painting. They should consider mastering it.

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Merry Christmas

Wishing all our viewers a very Merry Christmas and a happy & safe holiday season!

Best wishes from the Hojitsu Team.

Hoji . G-Motion .  Anti-Logic

. . .

[P.s. To see behind the scenes of hows this years Christmas card was designed, visit Fullframe]…

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A great behind the scenes video from one of our favourite sources of car culture & inspiration.

In the past year alone, they’ve grown from strength to strength & we can only imagine what 2011 will hold for the site & community.

Hunt on!…

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